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How do I resize a single image?

To resize a JPG, a GIF or a PNG image, simply upload it to our single image editor here. Once the file is uploaded, you will have the editor available from where you can select a new size for your image.

How do I resize multiple images at once?

To resize multiple images at once, you can upload or drag and drop your image files to our multiple image resize page. Once your files are uploaded, you can select a new size for your files. New size can be specified as a percentage of original file or as an exact pixel amount.

Which image formats does Croppio accept?

You can upload GIF, JPG/JPEG, and PNG formatted image files.

Which is the maximum file size that I can upload?

Your image file can be up to 50 MB (megabytes).

Which is the maximum resolution that I can upload?

We support photos up to 12.5 MP (mega pixels), i.e. 4080 x 3072 (width x height).

What happens to my image after I am done resizing?

Your image is automatically deleted from our servers in 1 hour after resizing your image. does not store your original or resized image after the 1 hour.