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Localised weather simulator

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Localised weather

Just allow the browser to track your location, and our website will behave just as the weather outside.

Visual Effects

The simulation will go to the next level. Snow, rain, clouds, sun, and thunder will appear on the screen whenever possible.

Day and night

We detect if it's day or night, and we apply a dark theme on the night and a light theme on the day such that the website copies the outside look.

Manual localization

If you want to see what is the weather outside your zone, just select the country and the city, and you will be redirected to that part of the world.

Localised news

Besides our weather functionality, we want to implement localized news, to see what is happening in that region.

Mobile friendly

There is no need to have a mobile app installed on the phone, the platform is accessible through all desktops, tablets, and phones.

Latest simulated locations

How to simulate weather

Step 1

Allow browser location

The first time you enter the website, a popup in the browser requesting permission appears. Click the Allow button from the dialog and wait for the change.
Step 2

Dynamic weather

After you allow the location, the browser will feel and behave like the weather outside. The CSS will change, showing rain, clouds, and snow with their respective sounds.
Step 3

Change location

See our dynamic simulator everywhere on the globe. Select the country and choose the desired city. You will be redirected there.