TikTok profile analyser

Profile Analysis

Analyze your TikTok profile to see how the content performs. Observe statistics such as total likes, views, likes, comments, engagement rate, and like and comment rate.

Daily activity

Find out the daily activity about your content. See the average posts per day, week, and month along with the average engagement rate per post.

Hashtags and mentions

See a breakdown with the most popular hashtags and tags used in posts ordered in descending order by the number of uses.

Video Stats

Video stats based on most viewed, commented, and liked content. Order them to see which post performs better.

Similar Profiles

Find profiles with similar stats to yours. Observe the competition and improve the content. See the rankings.

Mobile friendly

There is no need to have a mobile app installed on the phone, the platform is accessible through all desktops, tablets, and phones.


Our app is safe and authorized by TikTok. No hidden costs and the service is free to use. Analyze now!

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How to analyze your TikTok profile

Step 1

Choose the profile

Click the green authorization button, then click allow the app to get your profile and video information. You need to be logged in on TikTok to work.
Step 2

Profile overview

Our new profile analyzer will show an overview of your activity, with compressive content graphs. See the most viewed, most comments, most liked posts, and much more.
Step 3

Download the profile

If you want to send the profile overview, we offer the option to freeze. Download the PDF report of the analyzed account and share it with your friends, family, and foes.