Cut and edit videos with ease


With the boom of mobile phones, devices have become much powerful with a lot of computation able to record videos at high resolution. Social media and streaming services are full of user recorded content which caused the phenomenon called vlog-ing (video bloging) to take place. Users want their recording to be flawless as much as possible and do thousands of recordings each day until they reach the desired output. Many times the movie it's not right and from time to time, the need to cut the video arises. Click Get Started to test this feature right now or read to find more about it.


Get Started


Drag and drop a video file and wait until the file it's complelty finished, the green bar disappears. As soon as the video is ready a basic panel of editing the video will appear. The integrated player allows us to play, pause, change the volume, mute and navigate throughout the movie sequences. The slider at the bottom of the players allows to properly cut the video at the precision of seconds. The slider is synchronized with the start and end input fields where you can enter a more granular value, according to the need.


Preview of the video player
Player preview


The last part to take into account is the video editing. There are some simple options available to use right out of the box. Fade in and out effects with a duration from 1 to 9 seconds can be applied at the beginning or at the end of the movie. The final part is to choose the out format and download the file. Enjoy!