Cut and edit mp3 songs with ease


With the rise of internet and web technologies, many of the software is partially migrated towards the web. Browsers are becoming more powerful and can support from a variety of small app utilities towards complex software, like chats or games. Music is an activity enjoyed by people everywhere from young to old. Everyone likes to listen to good music in their free time. Nowadays, the music it's a billion-dollar industry and such, most of the songs have interleaved some cinematic effects inside the song. Even if they are at the beginning, end or somewhere in the middle of the video clip they can deteriorate the experience of listening to music. In these cases or simply to use the track as a ringtone, a simple app to cut or trim mp3 songs can save your day. 


Get Started


There is no need to install 3rd party software to your computer or need to pay, just access click get started to and drag and drop an mp3 file and begin trimming. The UI is changed dynamically into a small audio editor interface, presenting the waveform of your audio. Below the waveform, the interface has a slider from where you adjust the cutting points of the song, by the start and end input fields. Alongside these inputs, there is a group of useful buttons for editing purposes. You can apply fade-in, fade-out or in and out effects to your audio. The length of the effect can vary between 1 and 9 seconds, a range that suits well for almost all mp3 songs.


Waveform of the song
Waveform of the song


The final step is to choose the output format of the song. You can choose the format from the most popular .mp3, .m4r (for iPhone) formats, to the least used formats like .m4a, .flac and .wav. After all the settings are done and tested in the audio waveform you can proceed by downloading the audio song. As soon as you hit the download button the trimmed audio song is already saved on your computer ready to use on your phone as a ringtone or in your favorite mp3 player.