Crop and resize images with ease


An image is worth a thousand words it's an important truth that's still present in our lives today. Just image social media without the power of images. Images are a way of communication very influential these days. And yet a good tool in our hands just to extract only the specific area of an image can be a blessing. Today I will present another great feature of Croppio, which is image cropping. Click the Get started button to jump right in.


Get Started


This feature is a powerful way to resize and crop your pictures. So go ahead to the homepage and add an image. After the file is completely uploaded the UI will show the preview of the picture along with some editing options, like rotate left, rotate right, flip vertical and flip horizontal. The crop options suit everyone, from predefined 16:9 (landscape), 4:3, 2:3 (portrait), 1:1 (rectangular) to free crop or custom crop.


Image preview
Image preview


Cropping goes hand in hand with resizing and compressing. After the editing has been applied to the photo, the image can be resized, compressed or changed to other formats. The available options for the resize can vary from custom to 25%, 50% or 75%. The quality of the photos can also be changed to decrease the file size. In the end, just click the download button to get the processed file.